About The Museum

Curtis McLachlan

Specialist Curtis McLachlan, 1st Army Aviation Brigade
July 1970-April 1972
155th AHC
192nd AHC
243rd Shinook Unit
388 Support Maintenance Unit

The Vietnam Memorial Museum display was put together over 30 years ago by Specialist Curtis McLachlan, 1st Army Aviation Brigade. He served two tours in Vietnam from 1970 to 1972.

At the beginning of his service, Curtis met Douglas B. Kent in basic training at Fort Ord, California. They went on to become best friends, until Doug was killed in a helicopter crash in 1971, which had a big impact on Curtis.

After Curtis returned home, he tried to forget his experiences in Vietnam. Then in 1985, he saw the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall in Reno, Nevada, which sparked a new passion to revisit the memories he had tried to put behind him. He dug out his old photos of Vietnam and started building his first photo display panel, which eventually grew to become the Museum.

Curtis began taking the Museum to special events, hoping to share his experience with those who had no idea what the Vietnam vets went through. The Museum grew as Curtis connected with other vets who donated more photos and items. Today, the museum has over 20 display boards, 300+ photos, flags, rifles, and motorcycles, and it fills a 20 foot car trailer.

Now in semi-retirement, Curtis is seeking a permanent home for the Museum, so the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country can be preserved. The ideal location would be close to Northern Nevada. If you might be able to help in any way, please contact us.